No! No!

2The No No Hair Removal is a product that is a bit on the expensive side so that leaves a lot people wondering if it really works before they spend the money on trying the item. The good news is that there a lot of reviews about the No! No!. The bad news is the product has highly mixed reviews as some people love it and others claim that it was a huge waste of money. When it comes to the question on if it works or not there are a few things you should be sure of one is that you are using the product correctly, and the other is how much time have you given it to work. This isn’t the easiest product on the market and defiantly time consuming especially when you are first learning it.

If you don’t have that much patience I wouldn’t get the product because it will likely just be not for you. However, if you have the patience to sit there and learn the product you may get some good results. Some have said they got burned by the machine and that is possible depending on how you hold it but it is not designed to do that and if you are using it properly it won’t happen. If you ever get burned it is great indication that you have done something wrong. Overall the product itself is great at minimizing the hair you have but just about everyone says they touch up with shaving until the hair is thin enough not to really notice and then it is a matter of if you are ok with that result.


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